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555 Project Proposal

The project will be built around the first person perspective of a man searching for a ringing telephone in a house by the sea. His journey is interspersed with shots of the depths of the ocean, and a figure struggling underwater. When he answers the telephone, the sound of rushing water comes from the other line. I am also toying with the idea of “confessional style” documentary sequences entering into play.

Please follow this link to view 1st Person POV films that I have been collecting (not at all comprehensive). Please follow this link to view some of the style influences.

The project will require the creation of 3D sequences in Nuke that will collage prints, painting, photos, and handdrawn animation. I am considering constructing a simple hallway with affiliated imagery (using screenprinted Tyvek and wood framework) that one will need to walk through to reach the animation.

A 4-5 min film (depending on the possible live action component) with an affiliated installation.

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