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Lights, Camera, Action: The Merging Languages of Animated and Live Action Cinema within an Active Database

Try out this for a media journey — here is a list of films and techniques I cite within my thesis paper … can you get it by watching?

>>>>>>>The Skeleton Dance (1929) Walt Disney
Ub Iwerks animated a series of early Disney shorts that demonstrated this plasma-like style of animation.

>>>>>>>Fantasmagorie (1908) Emile Cohl

>>>>>>>Un Chien Andalou (1929) Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí

>>>>>>>An Optical Poem (1937) Oskar Fischinger
Fischinger’s work exemplifies the qualities that distinguish visual music – it is non-representational (occasionally completely non-photographic) work created by establishing visual rhythms and harmonies.

>>>>>>>The Shining (Happy Version) (2007) Anonymous
A reedited trailer for The Shining to completely change the tone of the film. This is one example of countless other user-generated remakes of popular films.

>>>>>>>Art 21: Paul Pfeiffer (2008) PBS
An overview of Pfeiffer’s creative process featuring clips of his projects.

>>>>>>>Pirates of the Caribbean: Production Still (2004)
An animated .gif overlaying a photographic plate, a frame of animation, and the completed frame of the film.

>>>>>>>Image Metrics Promotional Video (2008)

>>>>>>>Superman Returns: Production Breakdown (2006)

>>>>>>>Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Production Breakdown (2009)

>>>>>>>At the Heart of A Sparrow (2006) Barry Doupe

>>>>>>>Beauty and the Beast: Production Breakdown (1991)

>>>>>>>War of the Worlds (2005) Steven Spielberg
The camera moves across and around and ultimately into a family minivan in a completely believable but physically impossible way.

>>>>>>>Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers from Warp Records on Vimeo.

>>>>>>>Enter the Void: Production Reel (2010) Gaspar Noé


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